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“If you ‘get’ the people you’re engaging with, you’re halfway there.”

About me

Joburg born and bred, with proud roots from the country that gave the world superior chocolate and beer, Belgium, Dimitri Quadflieg is a digital expert, entrepreneur and speaker.

With a love for people, our natural heritage, a passion for all things digital and a need for continuous learning, he has dedicated his life’s work (so far) to brand communications in non-traditional media, as well as conservation of the rhino.

Dimitri Quadflieg







“Innovators, creatives and executors are not individualistic. It is bringing together of these individuals to believe in the same common goal.”

I am of the firm belief that: “Everyone can achieve their goals, and be great at what they do, provided they invest the time to get brilliant at it. All too often we, as a society, are so driven by money that we end up being mediocre and losing sight of what we really want to do.” Through his work, he lives out his passion for connecting brands and their customers by inspiring clients to do business differently in the digital era.

I'm the founder of The Workshop Group, The Workshop Group believes in challenging the “status quo” of how modern day businesses should operate. We believe in inspiring individuals and small businesses to achieve their unique goals and pursue their purpose, by offering a functioning integrated business methodology that serves the basis for inspiration and achieving results.